The Shoulder and Elbow Unit at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital is led by consultants who are each recognised as international experts in the management of conditions affecting the shoulder and elbow. The Unit aims to deliver world-class surgical care and rehabilitation for patients with complex shoulder and elbow pathology, underpinned by evidence-based medicine and undertaken in a multidisciplinary team environment.

The Unit is one of the largest in the country, with referrals to the service coming from throughout the UK. We cover all aspects of shoulder & elbow surgery, including routine and complex primary arthroplasty, revision arthroplasty, prosthetic joint infections, instability, and rotator cuff dysfunction.

The Unit is an established referral hub for primary and revision elbow replacements, and also has a large primary and revision shoulder replacement practice. The arthroplasty practice includes the management of prosthetic joint infections and has well-established pathways for the treatment of infected shoulder and elbow replacements.

Our Surgeons have extensive experience in the use of patient-specific guides and custom made implants using CAD-CAM technology in order to deal with complex deformities.

The Unit is a leader in the management and treatment of complex instability and has an inpatient rehabilitation facility.

Patients benefit from a multi-disciplinary approach with physiotherapists, occupational therapists, microbiologists, radiologists, rheumatologists, and a clinical nurse specialist.


  • Native and prosthetic joint infection
  • Periprosthetic fracture


  • Primary and revision Shoulder replacement
  • Primary and revision Elbow replacement
  • Shoulder and Elbow reconstruction
    •         Primary and revision rotator cuff repairs and reconstruction including superior capsular reconstruction
    •         Tendon transfers
    •         Scapulothoracic and glenohumeral fusion
    •         Deformity correction
    •         Segmental and custom prostheses
  • Complex fracture management
  • Complex instability
  • Inpatient rehabilitation

Information guides for common procedures in adults are available at the bottom of this page.

The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust (RNOH) receives clinical referrals to our specialist, tertiary neuro-musculoskeletal services from primary, secondary and tertiary care institutions regarding both NHS and private patients.

From Monday 13th December, the RNOH Shoulder and Elbow service has committed to using ‘PATHPOINT’, an electronic referral and pathway management system, for all Consultant-led referrals from secondary and tertiary care organisations.

General Practitioners should continue to refer to RNOH using the UK Electronic Referral System (ERS)- please see below.

PATHPOINT offers significant benefits to referrers:

  • Secure, streamlined, electronic referral forms
  • Receive updates and notifications in real time
  • Increased visibility of all referrals and triage outcomes

For further information on the PATHPOINT system, please click here


Until monday 13 December 2021, referrals for total elbow replacement, periprosthetic fractures and infected arthroplasty are accepted from consultants/ hospital doctors using these referral forms.

Please note that, if you are a GP, an additional e-referral will need to be completed before the patient is seen.

Please look at the Unit referral criteria.

Clinic Appointments
Please call 020 3947 0052

Please call 020 3947 0052

Patient Support Line
Amanda Denton, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Tel: 020 8385 3024
Shoulder and Elbow Unit. Direct telephone 0208 909 5107 / Fax 020 8385 3027

MDT Coordinator
Stephanie Hyman, Tel: 020 3947 0052

Secretary to Mr Mark Falworth
Tel: 020 8385 3025

Secretary to Miss Deborah Higgs
Tel: 020 8909 5457

Secretary to Mr Addie Majed
Tel: 020 8909 5565

Secretary to Mr Will Rudge
Tel: 020 8909 5671

Secretary to Mr David Butt
Tel: 020 8909 5671

Secretary to Anju Jaggi / Amanda Denton
Tel: 020 8909 5727

Shoulder & Elbow Unit email

Shoulder, upper limb, joint replacement and rehabilitation

  • Mr David Butt - Shoulder and elbow surgery, joint replacement, reconstruction and arthroscopy
  • Mr Mark Falworth - Arthroscopic and open shoulder/elbow surgery. Primary/revision shoulder & elbow surgery including joint arthroplasty. Management of infected...
  • Ms Deborah Higgs - Shoulder and elbow surgery, joint replacement, reconstruction and rehabilitation.
  • Anju Jaggi - Consultant Physiotherapist. Recurrent atraumatic shoulder instability. Complex shoulder pain. Conservative management for rotator cuff insufficiency...
  • Mr Addie Majed - Management of all acute and chronic shoulder and elbow conditions, including complex revision and reconstructive surgery.
  • Mr Will Rudge - Shoulder, upper limb, joint replacement and rehabilitation

Information Guides for Adults

Shoulder and upper limb

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