The RNOH Pharmacy provides a comprehensive array of pharmacy services with the overall aim of ensuring safe, effective and economical use of medicines throughout the Trust as well as supporting education and training and promoting research.

The pharmacy department is closely involved in all stages of medicine use from negotiating contracts for the purchase of medicines through to assessing the outcomes of medicines in the clinical setting.

The Chief Pharmacist holds overall responsibility for ensuring high-quality medicines optimisation and is the named lead for medication safety.

The Drugs and Therapeutics Committee (DTC) oversees medicines optimisation issues including the Trust Formulary and assessment of new drugs in combination with the North Central London Joint Formulary Committee (NCL JFC). The DTC in combination with the Trust Clinical Quality and Governance Committee also focuses on monitoring medication safety measure and devising measure of improving safer practice.

The pharmacy department is based at the Stanmore site only (see below for opening hours).

All patients have access to the patient medicines helpline to assist with any medicines related enquiry both prior to admission and following discharge (contact 020 8909 5832).

Mr Ashik Shah, Chief Pharmacist

Mr Gaurang Purohit, Deputy Chief Pharmacist (Formulary, Research & Governance)

RNOH Pharmacy opening hours:

New Pharmacy opening hours:

Monday - Friday : 9am – 5pm

Saturday: 10am - 3pm

The Pharmacy is CLOSED on Sunday's


Main service number: 020 3947 0037

Outside of the above normal working hours, an emergency on-call service can be accessed through the site manager who will contact RNOH switchboard.

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