The Jubilee Rehabilitation Centre is a 22 bedded unit specialising in pain management programmes, hypermobility syndrome, chronic regional pain syndrome, shoulder and peripheral nerve rehabilitation. The programme runs using cognitive behavioural therapy and involves the members of the multi-disciplinary team. Our aim is to provide a safe and clean environment to maintain your privacy and dignity.

We hope you will not hesitate to ask for any further information and advice you may require about any aspect of your care on the unit.


Starting on 28 June 2024, RNOH will have flexible visiting times for inpatients. There will be no set visiting hours, so up to two visitors can come whenever it is convenient for the patient.

Visitor guidelines

We’d kindly ask that you:

  • Avoid visiting during meal times, sleep/rest times, treatments, or personal care times.
  • Keep noise levels low and respect the privacy of other patients.
  • Step outside of the bay during your visit, if asked to by staff, to protect the confidentiality and dignity of other patients.

The nurse in charge will make the final decision on visiting times to ensure patient needs and overall wellbeing are balanced.

Due to space limitations, we ask that only one person accompanies a patient in the following areas:

  • Day Surgery Unit (adult)
  • Outpatients Department (adult)

If more than one person is needed, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

For patients receiving end-of-life care, we will accommodate visitors at any time to meet their needs and preferences.

Please contact the ward on 020 8909 5341 for visiting information



  • Breakfast 07:15 – 08:00
  • Lunch 12:00 – 13:00
  • Supper 17:30 – 18:00

A Patient's Guide to Safe Food from home brought into Jubilee Rehabilation Unit


Two, one male and one female; a television in each; and a meeting room.

Phones: two communal phones and one in the manager’s office. Please keep mobile phones on silent during therapy sessions and between 22:00 - 06:00. You can connect to the WiFi service for patients.


Three post trays: one post out internal, one post out external and one post in

Shower Rooms



Three on the male side and three on the female side


The unit is also located close to Broccles restaurant.

Nurse handovers

Morning 07:15 and 11:45, evening 19:15

Doctors/Ward Rounds

  • Mondays 16:00
  • Tuesdays 08:30, 13:30 and 14:00
  • Wednesday – AM
  • Thursday – AM
  • Friday - AM

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas.