The RNOH is one of only five designated centres in the country which specialises in the care and treatment of patients who suffer from bone and soft tissue cancers. Treatment includes bespoke endo-prostheses, bone transportation and bone grafting and the RNOH are leaders in limb salvage. Surgeons at the RNOH work with a team of oncologists and other specialists including the on-site Biomedical Engineering Unit, in providing a specially tailored package of care for each patient including surgical investigation, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Rehabilitation guidelines for orthopaedic oncology patients can be found here

Consultants and other health professionals at the RNOH have been instrumental in the creation and development of the London Sarcoma Service. The London Sarcoma Service is one of the largest sarcoma services in Europe with an international reputation for providing the highest quality of care to patients with sarcoma. It provides a comprehensive service to patients of all ages from the first consultation, through investigation, to treatment, rehabilitation and follow-up, seeing about 500 new patients with sarcoma each year.

For more information please see the London Sarcoma Service website.

The services offered include:

  • Surgical excision of tumours
  • Limb salvage (an alternative to amputation - the limb is saved and prosthetics are used to replace the diseased part.)
  • Massive replacement - the replacement of the major proportion of the cancer affected limb using custom made prostheses
  • Amputation

Guidelines for the London and South East Sarcoma Network are available 

From Thursday 4th August 2022, RNOH Orthopaedic oncology committed to using ‘PATHPOINT’, an electronic referral and pathway management system, for all Consultant-led referrals from secondary and tertiary care organisations.

General Practitioners should continue to refer to RNOH using the UK Electronic Referral System (ERS)- please see below.

PATHPOINT offers significant benefits to referrers:

  • Secure, streamlined, electronic referral forms
  • Receive updates and notifications in real time
  • Increased visibility of all referrals and triage outcomes

To submit a referral to the Sarcoma service please access the 'PATHPOINT' link (within your Secure hospital network) and follow the steps below:

  1. Register with your personal NHS email address for a PATHPOINT account to manage your referral/s
  2. Login to your account with your credentials by clicking the 'PATHPOINT' link
  3. Input your referring organisation, and patient PID details
  4. Click the drop down list of referral pathway forms and select "Orthopaedic oncology" and click "Go to referral form" to launch the form
  5. Fill in all fields of the Tertiary Sarcoma Unit referral form and click "Save Orthopaedic oncology"

NB: You will receive notification emails to your NHS email account from PATHPOINT from the Orthopaedic oncology unit with updates about the status of your referral if further information is required. 

To give your feedback, or for any further questions, please email the relevant contact below: 

PATHPOINT Technical Support: 
Feedback to RNOH Project Team: 

For further information on the PATHPOINT system, please click here

Referrals are accepted from GPs and consultants. If you are a GP referring to the RNOH please use the NHS e-Referral Service system, e-RS. 


All referral information has to be received by 3pm on a Wednesday for discussion at that Friday’s MDT. If your case is urgent, please ring us on 020 8909 5111/5600

Consultant secretaries

Mitika Nandha – Secretary to  Dr Dileo
020 3947 0041 /

Jane Moody – Secretary to Mr Aston and Mr Bayliss
020 3947 0041 /

Jan Wakeman-Blue - Secretary to Mr Pollock
020 3947 0041 /          

Claire Valiji - Secretary to Mr Gerrand
020 3947 0041 /

Veronica White - Secretary to Ms Havard
020 3947 0041 /

Nurse Consultant

Julie Woodford – Nurse Consultant in Cancer and Supportive Care
020 3947 0458 / 

Mitika Nandha - Secretary to CNS team / Julie Woodford
020 8909 5878 /

Clinical Nurse Specialists

Milli Lipshaw - Clinical Nurse Specialist (children and young adults)
020 8909 5679 /

Jo Coleman – Advanced Nurse Practitioner
020 3947 0458 /

Lucy Denny – Clinical Nurse Specialist
020 3947 0458 /

Cilla Bawah – Associate Nurse Specialist
020 3947 0458 /

Louise Gillings – Clinical Nurse Specialist
020 3947 0458 /

Andrea McCarthy – Clinical Nurse Specialist
020 3947 0458 /

Nicki Willis – Clinical Nurse Specialist
020 3947 0458 /


Abby McCarthy, Physiotherapy Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedic Oncology (Limb Salvage) / Therapy Team Lead Orthopaedic Oncology Service.    
Kate Scanlan, Senior Occupational Therapist in Orthopaedic Oncology  (Limb Salvage), 
020 8909 5830

Jennifer Fulton, Physiotherapy Clinical Specialist in Amputee Rehabilitation/ Therapy Team Lead Amputee Rehabilitation Service.
Edwina Hudspeth Stevenson, Senior Occupational Therapist in Amputee Rehabilitation.
020 8909 5505



  • Mr Will Aston - Surgical treatment of arthritis, including cartilage transplantation, arthroscopic knee surgery, knee and hip replacement surgery, complex hip and...
  • Mr Lee Bayliss 
  • Mr Craig Gerrand - Bone and soft tissue tumour surgery, bone and soft tissue sarcoma, metastatic bone disease
  • Ms Hel Havard
  • Mr Rob Pollock - Bone tumours, soft tissue sarcoma, primary and revision hip and knee and cartilage transplantation.
  • Miss Kate Spacey (locum) - Metastatic bone disease and revision hip arthroplasty, surgical education

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