The RNOH aims to be a world-leading orthopaedic hospital with the best patient care and staff experience in the NHS

Switchboard Interactive Menu

In efforts to improve our patient experience when contacting the hospital, when you ring the main hospital number and other selected departments, you will be greeted by our new Interactive Menu Service. This service will go live from Tuesday 13 February.

The Interactive Menu will provide you with a range options (e.g. “Press one for Reception”), designed so that your calls can be answered quicker and to help ensure you speak to the right person, first time.

XLH (X-linked hypophosphatemia) Patient and Family Meeting

On Thursday 15th February The RNOH welcomes you to this event to share your experiences and ideas around XLH (X-linked hypophosphatemia), a genetic disorder that affects about one in 20,000 people. XLH is characterized by low levels of phosphate in the blood. Phosphate levels are low because phosphate is abnormally processed in the kidneys, which causes a loss of phosphate in the urine (phosphate wasting) and leads to soft, weak bones.

The location is the Village Hotel, Centennial Park, Elstree WD6 3SB


Rare Diseases Day at the RNOH, 28 February

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Want to know more about what rare bone disease research is taking place at the RNOH? Then come and join us on 28th February as part of Rare Diseases Day. We are open from 10am-3pm and welcome patients/families with rare bone diseases. Discover what research is happening at the RNOH, help us improve your care and meet others with similar conditions.

Stop the spread of flu and norovirus

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To help protect our patients and staff from flu virus and norovirus, do not come into the hospital if you are feeling unwell and experiencing flu-like symptoms, diarrhoea or vomiting.

How you can help us if you are not well:

Do not visit the hospital until you have been free of symptoms for 48 hours

If you have an appointment or it is essential to visit a friend or relative, speak to the ward sister or manager prior to your visit.

Wash and dry your hands, making use of the alcohol sanitisers located across the hospital.

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