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Events in December 2023

Mar 05

Join our exceptional London Irish Ward Nursing team at RNOH

Are you a passionate Registered Nurse/Student Nurse or Registered Nursing Associate/Student Nursing Associate looking for an exciting opportunity to make a difference in healthcare? Then look no further​​​​​​.

About us: The RNOH is the largest specialist orthopaedic hospital in the UK and a recognised world leader in the field of orthopaedics and neuro-musculoskeletal medicine. It treats more than 150,000 patients a year for conditions ranging from acute spinal injuries and chronic pain to sarcoma. At RNOH, we're not just a hospital; we're a hub of innovation, renowned for our ground-breaking research.

Your Career Development Matters: We are committed to supporting your career growth. 

We're ready to meet you and discuss your future with us, all you need to bring is your CV and a passion for delivering exceptional patient care at a globally recognised centre of excellence. Join our exceptional London Irish Ward Nursing team.

Interested in attending? Contact rnoh.rnohopenday@nhs.net for more information. Please send your name, email address number and area of interest and we will get back to you 

Jun 22

22 June 2024 to 5 September 2024

C23-22 BBTA Course poster 2024 final.png