The London Spinal Cord Injury Centre (LSCIC) at the RNOH is one of only 11 in the UK designated to receive and treat spinal cord injured patients. The Centre currently has 40 beds, 30 of which are on the main SCIC ward for adults. These beds include beds for acute care, the first episode of rehabilitation and readmission.

The overarching philosophy of the multi-disciplinary team (MDT) at the LSCIC is that rehabilitation is a journey that takes years and is best delivered through lifelong intervention. We aim to give our patients the initial skills to return to their lives as soon as possible, supported by re-admissions and outpatient services for maintaining health and ongoing skill acquisition.

Patients are admitted predominantly from the south-east of England on an urgent referral basis. The aim is to admit all patients as soon as possible following their injury. The centre consists of a team of multi-professional specialists who work towards a patient-focused service and rehabilitation is based around patient centred goals.

The ward has 30 beds divided into four bedded bays, double bays and side rooms.

While on the ward you will be cared for by our experienced team of nurses who are compassionate about the care that they deliver. We aim to treat every patient in our care with privacy, dignity and respect. By enhancing your patient journey, it is our aim that your stay will be a positive experience while you recover from your injury in a safe environment.

You will be kept informed throughout your stay about your condition and progress, but please do ask questions if you require further information.

Spinal Cord Injury Centre (nursing station) 020 8909 5583/5588

Spinal Cord Injury Centre Co-ordinator 020 3947 0100 bleep 755

Community Liaison 020 8909 5594

Please contact the ward on 020 8909 5583/5588 for visiting information.

  • Patients in isolation are unable to have visitors until isolation complete and provide a negative PCR covid test.
  • The visit must be written the in the book on reception, an email will be sent out for the visitor to show on the gate/arrival.
  • Maximum of two visitors at any one time, which must be from the same household.
  • If the visitor is unwell or any signs of respiratory illness, such as high temperature/cough etc. or if they have been in contact with someone with COVID, they should not come but reschedule the visit.
  • Children of any age are allowed to visit on weekends only (not school days). Our Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Team has requested that children do not attend nursery/school on the same day as a visit.
  • A child visitor is considered as one of the two visitors allowed.
  • Both the child visitor and the patient will be need to be compliant with correct hand hygiene protocol.
  • Visits can take place in the pods and the bed space.
  • Within a bay only two patients may have a visit at the same time - if a third patient in the bay wants a visitor at the same time they will have to book into a pod.
  • Visiting times within the pod remains unchanged, visiting on the wards will be from 14:00 - 20:00.
  • Children will not be allowed to visit on the ward, only in the pods.
  • Visiting on the ward will be susceptible to change if community infection numbers continue to rise or there are any changes to IPC guidelines.
  • Next of kin will now be permitted to attend case conference meetings and diagnosis and prognosis meetings, in person.
  • Patients can go to the Aspire Café to buy food and drink but, at present, cannot stay in the café. They will need to bring their purchases back to the ward.

  • Breakfast from 07.00
  • Lunch from 12.00
  • Supper from 17.15

Beverages are served throughout the day and are available on request.

Mobile phone

As there is no public telephone we do allow the use of mobile phones on the ward. However, we ask that you are considerate to patients around you by using the vibrate setting and refrain from making calls at night.


We have a communal day room with a television, patient education area, PlayStation, Wii and gardens for you to enjoy. We kindly ask that patients are dressed appropriately in the dayroom area as this is used by both male and female patients.

WiFi service for patients is available. If using laptops / DVD players, please ensure headphones are used for the comfort of other patients.


Both male and female toilet and shower facilities are available.


Post will be delivered to your bedside should any arrive for you.


A snack trolley visits the ward daily if you would like to purchase anything.

Nurse Handover

This takes place between 07.15 – 07.45 and 19.45 – 20.15 at each patient’s bedside.

Doctors ward round

Doctors ward rounds take place throughout the week.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas.