The RNOH has a Children's Education Service (CES), which is managed by Harrow Council, London. The service is part of Harrow Tuition Service and provides education for all patients of statutory school age. They are able to participate in school as and when their treatment and medical condition allow.

The RNOH recognises that education is an essential part of the child's stay in hospital. The CES is vital in enabling patients to continue their development as normally as possible, enhancing their learning and alleviating their anxiety about their school work, as well as helping them and their families to cope with their treatment.

We advise parents to contact their child's school in advance and to bring in work for continuity of education. However, staff are happy to liaise with a child's home school for guidance where necessary. The CES is also a registered examination centre which is valuable for those pupils approaching their SATS/GCSE examinations; papers can therefore be transferred and invigilation arrangements organised.

The staff at the CES work in close co-operation with the medical staff to assess the fitness and availability of patients for lessons. Parents are able to discuss educational issues with the teachers. Some patients may require a period of home tuition upon discharge. Teaching staff will be able to give information regarding home tuition if required.

The school observes the holidays as laid down for all Harrow schools.


Cathy Heels - Teacher in Charge (full-time)
Czeslaw Slowik - Teacher (part-time)
Joanna Slowik - Teacher (part-time)
Stephanie Bambrough - Teacher (part-time)

School Room telephone: 020 8909 5330

For further information on the Educational Service provided at the RNOH please contact:
Mrs Cathy Heels 020 8909 5330 or email: