The Short Stay Unit comprises of two wards: Jackson Burrows Ward and The Coleman Unit. The Nursing Teams work as one Unit. Jackson Burrows Ward is a single sexed ward of 20 beds arranged into four bays. The Coleman Unit is a single sexed ward of 17 beds arranged into two big bays, this ward has a dayroom. All the bathrooms and toilet areas are single sexed.

The Short Stay Unit will accommodate patients who are normally in for a stay of five days or less. However, we do take patients whose planned stay is longer than this. If you are in for a longer stay during your admission you may be moved to a longer stay ward.

Coleman Unit

020 8909 5590

Jackson Burrows

020 8909 5345 / 5663


Please conact the wards for visiting information:

Coleman Unit

020 8909 5590

Jackson Burrows

020 8909 5345 / 5663


  • Breakfast from 07.30
  • Lunch from 12.15
  • Supper from 17.15

Beverages are served at intervals throughout the day.

Protected Meal Times occur 12.00 -13.00, during this time you will be able to eat your meal undisturbed. Visitors are not to consume food on the ward; there are canteen facilities on site for visitors.

We cannot accommodate more than two visitors at the bedside and request that visitors do not sit on the beds for infection control reasons. There are a number of chairs available for visitors on the ward.

There are a variety of shower rooms and toilets available most of which are wheelchair accessible.


Delivered to your bedside should any arrive for you.

There are no bedside phones; mobile phones are allowed but must be switched off between 22.00 – 08.00 and set to quiet at all other times.

There is a dayroom on the Coleman Unit with a television but this can only be used by the Coleman Unit patients.

Nurse’s handover

This takes place at 07.30- 08.00 each morning and 19.30 – 20.00 each evening at the patient’s bedside.

Doctors ward rounds

These vary by Consultant but will occur in the morning of their allocated day.

Whenever a healthcare professional comes to see you during your stay, they should explain what they are doing or plan to do. If they don’t or you don’t understand what they have said, don’t be afraid to ask them to explain.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas.