Through their important work, Research Champions help promote research in health and care services, and across society more widely.

They help the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH) to inform patients and the public about research , especially those groups less likely to take part in research. 

They may participate in research projects themselves.The Research and Innovation Centre(RNOH) supports Research Champions to share ideas and collaborate It provides opportunities, such as public events, to promote research

Who can be a Research Champion?

•    Members of the public, patients and carers.
•    Staff and exciting volunteers

What you need
•    Be passionate about improving health and care
•    Be willing to speak in public 
•    Be willing to attend an induction
•    Be ready to ask for guidance and support at any stage

Research Champions may help with one or more activities:
•    Talk to patients and the public about health and care research.
•    Co-design materials (posters and leaflets) to raise public awareness 
•    Collect feedback about taking part in research.
•    Promote the Be Part of Research campaign  (
•    Help people find out about research studies.
•    Visit health and care organisations to talk about health and care research and encourage them to connect with local research teams.
•    Write about their experiences in health and care research for the RNOH website or other platforms.
•    Raise research awareness amongst friends and family 

Support and development
•    If you want to become a Research Champion contact us
•     You will need to attend a short induction to give you practical information and show you where to learn more about health and social care research. 
•    After your induction you will be able, to join the RNOH Public Patient Involvement group, an online group, to connect you with Research Champions, and researchers from North Thames.
•    You will be offered activities to support your development as a Research Champion 
•    You will have a  contact to help  with practical issues  and support you in your role.

Time commitment and duration
There is no minimum requirement for activities you may undertake and you can be involved for as long as you like.
How to get involved 
If you wish to know more please do contact who will brief you about the process.  You will be invited to complete a simple application.