The RNOH is recognised as a leading UK tertiary centre for the treatment of complex peripheral nerve injuries. Services include highly complex brachial plexus nerve repair and nerve transplantations in both infants and adults. Some patients are seen and treated as emergencies as a result of acute trauma, and others are referred because of chronic problems associated with earlier injury. The unit also deals with nerve tumours in the upper and lower limbs.

  • Exploration, repair and non-operative treatment in adult brachial plexus injury
  • Exploration, repair and non-operative treatment in obstetric brachial plexus injury (OBPP)
  • Peripheral nerve injury in upper or lower limbs
  • Nerve tumours
  • Palliative upper limb surgery after central nervous lesion i.e. reconstruction of spastic deformity
  • Injuries to the lumbo-sacral plexus
  • Surgical reconstruction of limb function after peripheral nerve injury

Referrals are accepted from GPs and consultants, as well as from Accident and Emergency units:

  • Emergency Inpatient Transfer: By telephone to the unit co-ordinator/registrar initially, then by fax/ email. When sending the referral please complete the appropriate pro forma, uncompleted pro forma will lead to a rejected referral. If an inpatient transfer “Fix and Send” agreement is verbally agreed please also include the “Inpatient transfer agreement” in your referral.
  • Urgent Outpatient: By telephone to the unit co-ordinator/registrar then by letter or fax to the unit.
  • Non-Urgent Outpatient: By letter, email or fax to the unit
  • OBPP: Fax or email, ERS referral from GP only.
  • Referral guidelines: Birth Brachial Plexus Palsy / Proning advise and pathway for COVID19 patients
  • Proning advice and pathway for COVID19 patients

**Please note: All referrals should be accompanied by scan/diagnostics/results**

All enquiries and correspondence should be addressed to the Stanmore branch of the hospital.

Unit co-ordinator:

Telephone 020 3947 0051

Mr Michael Fox's secretary:

Tel: 020 3947 0051


Dr Marco Sinisi's secretary:

Tel: 020 3947 0051


Mr Tom Quick’s secretary:

Tel: 020 3947 0051


Fax: 020 8420 6582

Peripheral Nerve Injury 

Mr Mike Fox - Peripheral nerve, shoulder, and complex nerve injuries and associated trauma, and obstetric brachial plexus lesions

Mr Tom Quick - Nerve injury in adults and children. Obstetric Brachial palsy. Conditions of the growing shoulder and elbow. Neuromuscular conditions of the...

Mr Marco Sinisi - Obstetric and adult brachial plexus lesions, nerve traumatic lesions, tumours and reconstructive work after paralysis.

Information Guides 

Peripheral Nerve Injury

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