The RNOH is recognised as a national centre of excellence for the treatment of acute and chronic neuro-musculoskeletal conditions in children and young adolescents. Many of the patients using these services have profound physical, mental and syndromatic disability. (The Trust also plays a key role in the care of peripheral nerve injury, young bone tumour, scoliosis, spinal injury and brachial plexus patients.)

Range Of Services

  • All aspects of Paediatric orthopaedic care
  • Cerebral Palsy - including a multidisciplinary team approach
  • Limb Lengthening service including Ilizarov work
  • Management of the Young Adult Hip
  • Pain Management Programmes including assessments by Paediatricians/Psychiatrists
  • Ponseti method for correction of Congenital Talipes Equino Varus (CTEV) or Club Foot Deformity
  • Positional foot deformities eg: Metatarsus Adductus
  • Antenatal counselling following diagnosis of congenital limb deformities – particularly club foot but also others.


Paediatric surgeons:

Specialist Physiotherapist:

  • Christine Douglas, Consultant Paediatric Physiotherapist

Child and Adolescent Psychologist:

  • Dr Chirag Gorasia

Paediatric Anaesthetist:

  • Dr Mel Speakman (Clinical Director, Children's Services, Outpatients and Access)

Paediatric Clinical Nurse Specialists:

  • Penina Edel
  • Heather Gledstone
  • Sharon Fugazzotto (Limb Reconstruction)
  • Amy Culham (Rheumatology)

Referrals from other hospitals for paediatric surgery or limb reconstruction services should be submitted through Pathpoint ‘PATHPOINT’, an electronic referral and pathway management system. 

To submit a referral to the RNOH Paediatric & Limb reconstruction team, please access the 'PATHPOINT' link (within your Secure hospital network) and follow the steps below:

1. Register with your personal NHS email address for a PATHPOINT account to manage your referral/s

2. Login to your account with your credentials by clicking the 'PATHPOINT' link

3. Input your referring organisation, and patient PID details

4. Click the drop down list of referral pathway forms and select "Tertiary Paediatric & limb reconstruction referral" and click "Go to referral form" to launch the form

5. Fill in all fields of the Tertiary Paediatric & limb reconstruction referral form and click "Save Tertiary Paediatric & limb reconstruction referral"

NB: You will receive notification emails to your NHS email account from PATHPOINT from the RNOH Paediatric & limb reconstruction team with updates about the status of your referral or if further information is required.  

Paediatric medicine referrals can be sent to or posted to:

1st Floor
Muriel Sands House
Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital
Brockley Hill
Stanmore HA7 4LP 

Referrals from GPs to the unit are now only accepted electronically via the NHS Digital Electronic Referrals Service (ERS). 

Please do not be concerned about the eRS appointment date associated with Choose & Book - Upon department receipt, the referral will be triaged and urgent referrals will be prioritised for earlier review.  We will aim to see babies referred for assessment of neonatal hip dysplasia or clubfoot deformity within 2 weeks. 

To give your feedback, or for any further questions, please email the relevant contact below: 

PATHPOINT Technical Support: 


The main number for the Unit is: 020 3947 0046

Pill swallowing a guide for carers

For further information regarding pill swallowing visit KidzMed website