Welcome to the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital. In an effort to support you, our patients, in finding your way to the relevant services we offer, we have created first person videos showing the routes from the Outpatients department to various areas across the site.

If you are heading to Scanning, Radiology, Orthotics or the Children & Young Persons department, please click the relevant links below to show you how to get to the desired service.

Whether it’s your first time or just need a refresher these will help guide you to your destination.

If have an appointment at the Children & Young Persons department, the video can help your child familiarise themselves with the journey around the hospital, the layout of the department, the kinds of activities they can do while waiting and what the nurses will require them to do (e.g. getting weighed and measured).

Additional videos are being created to be consultant specific so that they will be able to see who their consultant is before coming in.

Getting to Theatres

Getting to Scanning and X-Ray departments

Children and Young People's department

Further wayfinding videos