An NHS initiative implemented in many parts of the UK (Newcastle, Birmingham, Wales, The Evalina Children’s Hospital, etc) is being commenced at RNOH. Kidzmed is a programme developed to teach children and young people how to swallow pills using an evidence-based 6 step technique. The concept will be introduced during your Outpatient’s appointment, after which parents / carers will be encouraged to practice with their child / young person so that they are confident to swallow pills by the time they are admitted.

Pills have numerous advantages over suspensions for all parties concerned:

  • For children and young people: pills are less sickly, contain less sugar and children who swallow pills tend to have better adherence to their medication regimens
  • For carers: pills have a longer shelf-life, do not require a fridge for storage, are easier to transport and more readily available in local pharmacies
  • For prescribers : less prone to errors when writing prescriptions and can prescribe larger quantities
  • For pharmacists: pills are more commonly stocked in local pharmacies compared to suspensions


For more information see the Pill swallowing a guide for carers 

Listen to podcasts below covering pill swallowing in more depth. 

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Download the certificate below to give to children upon completion of their pill swallowing training. 

Certificate for children

Video used with kind permission from Cardiff and Vale University Health Board