The LSCIC Outreach Team is responsible for providing specialist spinal cord injury education and support to patients and relatives, and staff treating newly injured patients.


If you wish to refer to this service please go to the National Spinal Cord Injury Database.

For enquiries regarding existing referrals please call 020 8909 5121 (Monday-Friday 0900-1700)


Outreach & Community Liaison Team Lead - Sophie Nawarski

Outreach Rehabilitation Consultant – Dr Jan Gawronski

Pan London Outreach Psychiatric Outreach Consultant – Dr Parashar Ramanuj 

Consultant Anaesthetist - Dr Matt Henley

Outreach Physiotherapist – Kate Roberts

Outreach CNS - Natasha Wallace

Outreach CNS – Rosa Castro

Outreach CNS – Nancy O’Connor

Outreach CNS – Louise Halpenny

Paediatric Spinal Nurse Specialist – Lisa Swann-Hayden ​​​​​​

Paediatric Spinal Nurse Specialist – Laura Graham

Karen Richardson – Outreach Case Manager

Martin Chainani – Community Case Manager

Outreach Administrator - Cathy Godfrey