This video is about getting to the RNOH in Stanmore by Car. Please note, some GPS devices take you to the Aspire sports centre off of Wood Lane. Aspire  is on the same site as RNOH (see map below, Aspire is centre left of the map, number 47). If your GPS does this, please just continure following the road past the Aspire centre to your right, pass through the barrier and continue about 100 meteres until you see the patient/visitor car park at the end of the road, turn right to aproach the car park which is directly in front of The Stanmore Building. 

On-site parking at RNOH Stanmore is free. Priority is given to Blue Badge Holders.
If you cannot get close enough to the Main Entrance or the Outpatients Entrance we suggest that you are dropped off and your escort then parks, and returns.

Fraud Alert

We have been advised that a patient at another Trust was approached by an individual in what appeared to be an official uniform, asking for a parking fine to be paid using a card machine. The patient was asked to put their pin number into the card machine, at which point the individual ran away with the patient’s credit card. Within an hour the individual had made numerous withdrawals and purchases using the patient’s card before the card was able to be cancelled.

Should you be approached in this manner, please do not handover your credit/debit card and inform a member of staff at the first opportunity.

Get Directions

RNOH Stanmore Ward Map

For a detailed wards / department location map please download the RNOH Stanmore Ward Map.


Stanmore map June 2024.PNG