Professional information for myeloma

Welcome to the professionals' page. We provide a concise pathway for myeloma patients who have infiltration of the spine. Our very close working relationship between haematologist and orthopaedic spinal surgeon ensures the patient gets the right treatment at the right time.

International guidelines for the management of myeloma were written by Dr Kyriakou and Mr Molloy who are both leading this service and they are due to be published soon. Once they are published, they will be available on this webpage.

For referrals to the myeloma service at the RNOH, please visit the Myeloma referral form.

You will need to complete the online referral form and return it via the referral submit button. In addition you will need to forward all relevant images via IEP.

Our myeloma co-ordinator will receive your referral, process it and inform you when the patient’s appointment will be.

If you are a therapist and need information on how to treat a patient with myeloma, please contact the consultant physiotherapist (please see section with useful contacts).

Useful contact information:

  • RNOH switchboard: 020 3947 0100
  • Myeloma Co-ordinator, Stacey Evangelides: 020 8909 5739
  • Myeloma secretary: 0203 947 0298
  • Scanning Department: 020 8909 5801
  • Consultant Physiotherapist, Susanne Selvadurai: 020 3947 0100 bleep 771
  • Dawn Lewinson, Service Manager: 0208 909 5822
  • Orthotics (Stanmore): 020 8909 5418
  • Orthotics (Central London Outpatient Assessment Centre): 020 7391 4225

Useful further information:

The patient pathway referral process