You will need to complete the online referral form and return it via the referral submit button. In addition, you will need to forward all relevant images via IEP.

Between the hours of 9.00am and 5.00pm our MSCC co-ordinator will receive your referral and will process it to ensure all relevant information/imaging is included. The coordinator will then contact you to advise of the likely timescale for discussion with the on-call spinal surgeon.

Outside of these hours the automated response from the RNOH will provide a contact number and further instructions.

NB Please note that telephone conversations and opinions provided following referral, will be recorded and transcribed as part of the patient record.

RNOH Switchboard
020 3947 0100

MSCC Coordinator
0208 909 5481

Scanning Department
020 8909 5801


Treatment options will include

  • Oncology (locally) without surgical intervention
  • Bracing (locally if available)
  • Surgical intervention – either at RNOH or referring hospital

Surgical options will include kyphoplasty, vertebroplasty or other operative intervention as per the clinical opinion provided by the RNOH spinal surgeon.

If the patient is accepted for further management at RNOH, the MSCC coordinator will liaise with the RNOH and local bed management teams and arrangements made for transfer.

The MSCC co-ordinator will be responsible for working through the logistics of the admission with the bed management and clinical teams.

The MSCC co-ordinator will liaise with the surgeon and the scheduler to plan the admission and surgery.

The referring Trust is responsible for making transport arrangements for the transfer of the patient as requested/directed by the RNOH team. If the patient is considered to have an unstable spine this information must be provided to the transport provider so that appropriate actions can be taken.

The RNOH team will be responsible for arranging transport for repatriation of the patient following surgery.

Issues concerning the repatriation of patients from RNOH will be escalated to the Medical Director and further action taken as appropriate.

Patients will be accepted by the Trust on a "fix & send" basis. In most cases, patients will be fit for repatriation to the referring trust approximately 48 hours post-operatively.

The MSCC co-ordinator will liaise with the bed management teams at RNOH and the referring trust, providing and updating the anticipated repatriation plan throughout the admission at RNOH.

Any post-operative complication which arises following discharge from RNOH must be notified to the MSCC coordinator. These will include 28-day post-operative infection, 30-day mortality and complication rate.

Follow up appointments for patients treated at RNOH will be arranged as directed by the RNOH consultant and provided to the patient prior to repatriation.

Issues concerning the repatriation of patients from RNOH will be escalated to the Medical Director and further action taken as appropriate.

Download the MSCC Patient Pathway