Angus McKinnon Unit is a 15 bedded unit, consisting of single and double rooms. The unit treats a varied case mix of patients with tissue viability and infection control issues following:

  • Acute and rehabilitative care of spinal cord injury
  • Spinal surgery
  • Orthopaedic surgery
  • Pressure Injuries requiring surgery and hospital management
  • Plastic surgery

The nursing staff on the unit liaise and support nursing staff and other colleagues with tissue viability issues, for example:

  • Special beds/mattresses
  • Assessment of wounds
  • Guidance on product selection for wounds
  • Skin care

The nursing staff:

  • Work closely with the Spinal Cord Injury Centre Community Liaison staff to ensure patients are discharged safely and receive appropriate follow up and support in the community
  • Lead and encourage proactive pressure sore management of pressure injuries throughout the Trust
  • Liaise and facilitate plastic surgery in conjunction with the multi-disciplinary team and plastic surgeon
  • Promote and initiate innovation of new products and disseminate best practice in relation to tissue viability
  • Act as a resource/education link for student nurses/district nurses and the multi-disciplinary team

Current projects:

  • Review and reimplementation of dressing formulary for RNOH
  • Audit and monitor pressure ulcer incidence Trust wide
  • Implementation of bed facilities management and related equipment Trust wide

For further information contact: Rachel Deegan, Tissue Viability Specialist Nurse 020 8909 5879.