A Clinical Psychologist, Counselling Psychologist and from time to time a Trainee Psychologist are available to see patients, families and staff. Their role is partly to assess psychological needs and provide appropriate support and information. This can be offered to out-patients and ex-patients as well as in-patients, with sessions conducted by telephone if it is difficult for a patient or relative to attend face-to-face.

The role also includes working to make the Spinal Cord Injury Centre a more supportive and enabling environment. This includes developing ways to include patients in the running of the centre, ways to make self-help materials easily available, and ways to help staff to manage the stressful aspects of their jobs. It can also mean conducting or contributing to research in the field of adjustment to spinal cord injury.

The psychologists contribute to regular staff training, audits, and patient education group sessions. They also work with representatives from the spinal charities, who play a vital role in the centre.

For further information contact: 020 8909 5767.

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