Current projects being undertaken at the London Spinal Cord Injury Research Centre are listed below:

REX Study – A study to investigate user perspectives of exoskeleton technology in SCI - Dr Angela Gall, Andy Symonds

ANTIC – Antibiotic Treatment for Intermittent Bladder Catheterisation: A randomised controlled trial of once daily prophylaxis - Rizwan Hamid, Sarah Knight

NEUROMOD – Non-invasive electrical stimulation to neuromodulate bladder, bowel and lower limb reflexes in spinal cord injury - Dr Sarah Knight, Dr Anne Vanhoestenberghe

DAiSY Project – Improving the identification of dysphagia following acute cervical SCI - Jackie McCrae

iCycle Project – Hospital and home-based feasibility study of an iCYCLE for functional recovery after incomplete spinal cord injury - Sue Paddison

Trunk Control – Activity Based Rehabilitation (ABR) to restore changes in the central nervous system and in trunk muscle function following spinal cord injury - Dr Angela Gall