The FAR Service consists of a multi-disciplinary team of clinicians, nurses, physiotherapists and clinical scientists. The FAR Service works in close collaboration with the UCL Aspire CREATE team and the London Spinal Cord Injury Research Centre. The FAR Service evolved directly from the research carried out at the LSCIC and exists to provide a channel for translating clinical research into improved management for spinal cord injured patients. It also provides a number of Clinical Services to the LSCIC and Neuro-Urology Team.

Clinical services

Standard and advance urodynamic investigations including ambulatory urodynamics, urethral pressure profilometry for measurement of bladder function especially following neurological dysfunction.

Complex neuro-physiological assessments of pelvic autonomic functions, to enable the neurosurgical teams to evaluate neurological outcome pre and post intervention.

Intra-operative monitoring of neurophysiological pelvic function during implantation of neuroprostheses and other neurosurgical procedures.

Counselling and assessment for patients interested in implantable neuroprosthetic devices for bladder control

Follow up for patients with a Finetech-Brindley Sacral Anterior Root Stimulator Implant (SARS).

Counselling of patients interested in ITB therapy for spasticity following spinal cord injury and other neurological dysfunctions

ITB Pump Refill Clinic to refill pumps with new drug and re-programming drug dose delivery.

Nurse-led service to provide counselling and instruction of use of the vibrostimulation (Ferticare and Viberect vibrators) for reflex ejaculation in spinal cord patients

Counselling for electro-ejaculation.

Physiotherapist led clinic to counsel, assess and teach pelvic floor muscle training to improve continence.

Education on use of biofeedback and pelvic floor electrical stimulation devices.

Please see London Spinal Cord Injury Research Centre pages for current projects.


Referrals are accepted from GP's and internal and external Consultants.

Consultant Rehabilitation Physician
Mr Manish Desai

Clinical Scientist
Dr Sarah Knight

Specialist Physiotherapist
Natalia Vasquez

Clinical Nurse Specialist
Sister Claire Riley

Research Nurse
Sister Evangeline Martinez

Research Physiotherapist
Dr Hannah Houliston

Key contact:
Tel: 020 3947 0606