The aim of the Speech and Language Therapy Service is to provide a high quality, specialised clinical service to adults and children with communication and swallowing disorders. This service incorporates assessment, treatment and an advisory/consultative function.

The overall aim of intervention is to achieve the optimum skill in swallowing and/or communication abilities.

The clinical areas covered include:

  • Spinal injury patients
  • Tracheostomy +/- ventilation
  • Anterior neck surgery
  • Children with special needs
  • Scoliosis surgery

These may include difficulties with speech, language, eating and drinking.

The SLT attends regular ward meetings to discuss patients' progress and participates in goal planning and case meetings, to ensure effective multi-disciplinary practice.

These are some of the specific services we provide:

  • On-site equipment to objectively assess swallowing problems (FEES) using fibre optic nasendoscopy
  • Access to the Voice Clinic at a neighbouring trust for detailed examination and specialist advice on any voice or laryngeal problems
  • Weekly multi-disciplinary ward round to review all our patients with tracheostomy tubes
  • Pre-operative assessment of children requiring back or hip surgery, to anticipate any problems they might have afterwards in relation to eating and drinking, and ensure prompt clinical intervention
  • Access to an extensive store of communication aids, which can be loaned to patients requiring either an alternative or augmentative means of communication

The service carries out a regular programme of procedural and clinical audit, and seeks to constantly monitor and improve standards, as appropriate. This enables the service to maintain the professional standards as set by the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists (RCSLT), in addition to those required by the Trust and external bodies.

There is an on-site clinical service to both paediatric and adult inpatient client groups.

We also provide a programme of teaching carried out by the SLT for other staff members to help them identify problems and so facilitate prompt referral to the service.

Adult Service - Chief Speech & Language Therapist - 020-8909 5466

Paediatric Service - Chief Speech & Language Therapist - 020-895402300 ext. 5967