The physiotherapy service at the RNOH involves assessment, management and treatment of patients with musculo-skeletal and neurological problems. This includes analysis of movement, based on the structure and function of the body, and the use of various physical approaches for the promotion of health, and the prevention and management of disease and disability. The department works closely with all disciplines involved in patient care, and has a strong commitment to patient focused care.

We also provide an information and advice service for physiotherapists throughout the UK to assist in the management of some of the more unusual problems we see and treat at the RNOH.

Each unit is led by a Superintendent/Senior Physiotherapist skilled in the specialities of the hospital so maintaining standards, encouraging education and facilitating development and research. We encourage multidisciplinary working at all times.

We also have a regular student teaching role taking both under-graduate and post-graduate physiotherapy students on placement, and national lecturing commitments.

The Physiotherapy Department runs an out of hours on call and weekend service.

There is a blanket referral system for all in-patients.

Adult Outpatient Physiotherapy: Patients are referred for outpatient physiotherapy from consultants both RNOH and external, GPs and other healthcare professionals.

Paediatric Outpatient Physiotherapy: The service provides specialist orthopaedic outpatient physiotherapy for children aged 0-18 at the point of referral. Children and young people are referred by Orthopaedic Consultants and Paediatricians, as well as specialist centres, before and after surgery. As a tertiary centre we accept referrals for patients who require more specialist physiotherapy intervention following local intervention.

Please see our referral criteria for more information.

Quality and Standards Benchmarking Physiotherapy Quality
The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) standards of physiotherapy practice (Oct 2005) is used as a benchmarking tool, against which is a planned calendar of audit.

Head of Therapies:
John Doyle, 0203 947 1275

Extended Scope Practitioner (back pain):
Helen Nafis, 020 8909 5820

Upper Limb Specialist:
Anju Jaggi, 020 8909 5519

Spinal Cord Injury Specialist:
Sue Paddison, 020 8909 5500

Amputee Clinical Specialist:
Jennifer Fulton

Paediatric Physiotherapists
Sheila Pillai/ Rebecca Pickford, 0208 909 5821

Limb Reconstruction Physiotherapist
Natalie Morgan, 0208 909 5821