MRI, CT and Radio-isotope (nuclear medicine) scans are all performed in the Scanning Department, located at the top of the main hospital slope on the Stanmore site. Go to the map of the Stanmore site to see its location - item number 20.

While some appointments may be provided on our behalf at another facility, most scanning appointments must be performed at the RNOH Trust Stanmore site.

For all appointments, or speak to the Scanning receptionist on the day of your examination, please call 020 8909 5801.

Opening hours are dependent upon the examination type. Please see below.


Opening hours are 8am – 8pm, seven days a week (Monday – Sunday).

MRI is short for magnetic resonance imaging. This type of imaging involves no ionising radiation, rather uses radio-frequency waves and a strong magnetic field to produce detailed images of the body.

The scanning involves you lying down on a table in a short tunnel for between 20-60 minutes (depending on the area being scanned). The scanning machine is noisy, and you are able to bring along your own CD if you would like to listen to your favorite music during the scanning.

The scanning staff try to make you as comfortable as possible for the duration of the scan, but please call in advance if you may not be able to lie still for the required time, or if you have any other special requirements, such as needing the use of a hoist.


Opening hours are 9:30am- 5:00pm, Monday - Thursday by prior appointment only.

Nuclear medicine is a broad range of examinations that use a radioactive tracer injection to detect or diagnose disease in bones, organs and tissues. There are many different types of nuclear medicine examinations. Here at RNOH we provide SPECT/CT Bone scans and particular Renal Imaging.

A nuclear medicine bone scan involves the use of a radio-tracer injection that is absorbed into the bones via the bloodstream. The imaging is then performed in two parts. The radiographers on the day, will provide a return time in the afternoon for the second set of imaging. This can usually range between 2-4 hours after receiving the injection. Bone scans allow a diagnosis into the metabolism and healing of the bones alongside several other bone conditions. A SPECT/CT bone scan is a hybrid scan that combines a Nuclear Medicine Bone scan with the benefits of a CT scan. This allows for an improved diagnosis.

Radio-isotopes (Nuclear Medicine)


Opening hours are 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday by prior appointment only.

The nuclear medicine service requires appointments to be made at least a day in advance, so that the required radioisotopes can be ordered. The isotope will be specially prepared and then injected into the veins so that the camera can see a specific area of the body.

Other types of radio-isotope scanning (SPECT/CT or PET/CT imaging) are not performed at the RNOH Trust. If you require either of these types of scans, you will be referred by us into another approved service so that you can have your appointment there.