Our most significant contributions to improving diagnoses at an international level.

Chordoma research wins a national prize

A letter to Professor Adrienne Flannagan from Chordoma UK.


Dear Adrienne,

Thank you for your ongoing support of Chordoma UK and we hope you are making a good start to the year.

We are very proud to announce that Chordoma research undertaken at RNOH and UCL, won a prize at the Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland Winter Meeting, 2019. Our research on chordoma undertaken as part of Dr Inga’s Medical Doctorate won the poster prize.


PIctured are some of the team who undertook the research - from left to right - Dr Daniel Lindsay, Consultant Pathologist - RNOH, Dr Inga Usher, a trainee doctor undertaking research on chordoma and how they might develop, and Dr Paul O’Donnell, Consultant Radiologist at RNOH.

Dr Inga is funded by Chordoma UK.

Visit the Chordoma UK website for more information.

We identified that brachyury is the diagnostic hallmark of chordoma. Before this, it was not uncommon to misdiagnose this tumour and confuse it with other tumour types. This biomarker is now used universally for making the diagnosis.

We have recently written the guidelines of how to diagnose chordoma: WHO classification

EGFR inhibitors Identified as a Potential Treatment for Chordoma in a Focused Compound Screen.

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