More than being a study participant

Our research aims to improve the care and lives of our patients. In order to deliver this promise we need help from our patients, their carers and the public. Clinical research is not just about taking part in a specific study - there are many other ways to get involved.

5 ways you could help:

  1. read and comment on grant proposals for research
  2. attend occasional meetings to hear how the research is progressing
  3. be prepared to voice your concerns about some planned research
  4. give us the patient’s perspective on the research we plan to do
  5. meet with fellow patients to discuss planned research.

Patients already attend sessions and hear what we are doing with their revised hip implants, and we have held meetings with participants who feel as if they had been of use to our researchers. If you are interested in getting involved locally, please contact and help us to change for the better.

Are you are interested in taking part in a specific study that you may be aware of taking place at the RNOH? Usually, only RNOH patients can be included in one of our studies, if you are not RNOH patients referral from your GP may be required in order to take part in one of our studies.

Please contact the study team directly or e-mail rnoh.research@nhs.netand specify the study you wish to take part in. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to take part as certain conditions have to be fulfilled for inclusion into our studies.


Machinery used in carrying out research at RNOH


Patients hear what we are doing with their revised hip implants


Patients being shown some of the research equipment in use