On 1 October 2007, the RNOH introduced a Social Work service, helping patients to prepare more effectively for admission and discharge by coordinating complex care packages with external agencies, and avoiding delays in discharge.

Some examples of the type of patients who is likely to fall into the remit of the social workers:

  • A patient where there has been or will be a significant change to their circumstances?
  • Patients who will potentially have a long inpatient stay
  • Patient's with many co-morbidities (major health conditions in addition to the musculo-skeletal procedure they are being admitted here for)?
  • Does the patient require external agencies/ care package upon discharge? E.g. to help deal with the patient's complex care needs (in addition to daily activities of living).
  • Patients where there are significant concerns about Child protection or very vulnerable adults
  • Patients who require significant help with social care needs
  • Patients who have daily carers involved who need to be closely involved in the planning for admission and discharge

The social workers' office telephone number is 020 8909 5835. The social workers work closely with the Pre-Admission Sisters, the Out-patient Sisters, Central Booking Team and the Bed Manager and they have a Trust-wide remit for adults and paediatrics.