Published on: 19th July 2022

Action on early diagnosis

The prognosis for the UK’s sarcoma patients has changed little over the past 40 years

Late diagnosis is a key factor.

Enough is enough. It’s time for action, and this Sarcoma Awareness Month, we’re setting out what we intend to do to get people diagnosed earlier and have better treatment options for life with and beyond bone and soft tissue cancers.

Follow us throughout July as we introduce you to the work we're doing to make it easier and faster to get people with sarcoma diagnosed earlier. Meet Jo, Olivia and many more who tell us in their own words why this work is needed. 

We've partnered with Genomics England to spread the word about genomics which is unlocking the secret of cancers like sarcoma. You'll meet Rachel Gilbert, who has had her genome sequenced and who will take over our Instagram to give us an insight into living with sarcoma. 

Being diagnosed with sarcoma can bring up a lot of questions. Join us and our friends at Bone Cancer Research Trust and GIST Cancer UK for a series of webinars especially for people who have been recently diagnosed with bone or soft tissue cancer. 

Our inspirational fundraisers make all of this work possible. We're following Isabelle and Nick O'Keeffe as they attempt to scale four peaks in the UK and Ireland in just 48 hours in memory of their brother, Phil. Can they do it? 

Over these next four weeks, we will showcase the enormous amount of work being done right now and what might come next.

Stay with us all of this July and remember to like, share and support.

Enough is enough - it's time for action.