Published on: 21st September 2023

RNOH has once again been ranked the top UK orthopaedic hospital in the Newsweek global poll of specialised hospitals & is one of only 6 European centres in the top 20. 

This list awards 330 hospitals in the field of smart technologies from 28 countries that stand out for their use of electronic functionalities, telemedicine, digital imaging, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

Over 4,000 votes were collected in the survey.   A score was calculated for each hospital based on the number of recommendations. International recommendations were weighted higher than national ones, reinforcing the international focus of this ranking.

Participants were asked to assign a ranking position (i.e., top 1, top 5, top 10, top 50, etc.) to hospitals. Additionally, the professional experience of the participant was considered, and participants could name a standout category:

1 - Electronic functionalities e.g., implementation of hospital information system.

2 - Telemedicine e.g., implementation of technical equipment to conduct teleconsultations.

3 - Digital Imaging e.g., usage of virtual reality and augmented reality tools to support diagnosis and treatment of patients.

4 - Artificial Intelligence e.g., usage of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools for data analysis and evaluation.

5 - Robotics e.g., implementation and evaluation of robotic surgery.