Published on: 20th October 2023

Congratulations to our sarcoma pathway team for winning in last night's National Orthopaedic Alliance Excellence in Orthopaedics Awards Awards! They won for their work 'Developing Personalised Follow-up in the Sarcoma Pathway'. This is another example of the superb work RNOH does in supporting patients and delivering world-class care. 

F81S8MEXEAAXtOz.jpgOn the night, Jilpa Modessa, Suzy Hudson and Mitika Nandha (left) attended and received the award. 

This award recognises the outstanding work of an organisation going above and beyond to support patients receiving orthopaedic care.

To win, judges looked for organisations who exhibited some or all of the following: 

  • Supporting waiting list patients in the best way possible while they are in their own homes to reduce negative outcomes
  • Showing exceptional impact on the experience of patients receiving elective orthopaedic surgery
  • Communicating effectively with patients
  • Developing approaches with patients to ensure that they are supported in the best way possible
  • Commitments to increasing patient empowerment and enabling people to be equal partners in their own care.
  • Provision of care outside hospital to avoid unnecessary admissions and improve discharge, with better joining up of care outside hospital

Also, very well done to our other colleagues who made it to the finals:

- RNOH Equality, Diversity & Inclusion programme
- RNOH London Community Kitchen zero waste partnership