Published on: 29th June 2023

We’re delighted to announce that, for the fourth year running, RNOH has been awarded National Joint Registry Quality Data Provider for 2022/23.
The ‘NJR Quality Data Provider’ scheme has been devised to offer hospitals public recognition for achieving excellence in supporting the promotion of patient safety standards through their compliance with the mandatory National Joint Registry (NJR) data submission quality audit process and by awarding certificates, the scheme rewards those hospitals who have met the targets.

The NJR  collect information on hip, knee, ankle, elbow and shoulder joint replacement surgery and monitor the performance of joint replacement implants.

NJR data quality award - theatre admin team.jpegNicky Saunders, Theatres Business Support Manager, said: "I am enormously proud of the hard work my team have put in this year and to receive this award four years running is a testament to their professionalism and dedication to excellence. Our work guards our patients’ safety and provides research information for better prosthesis development, which bring us great satisfaction, knowing we are helping many patients in the years to come!"
Members of the nursing team, who help with consenting patients offered their congratulations too:
Amanda Denton, Lead Clinical Nurse Specialist for Upper Limb, said: “Wow such a fantastic achievement! Our teams’ hard work of collecting NJR PROMS, consent and fully completing the forms has paid off. I’m proud to be part of the success.” 
Clare Cassidy, Lead Clinical Nurse Specialist Hip & Knee Unit (Arthroplasty), said: “This award recognises how Teams from different departments are working together to improve patient outcomes.  The CNS Hip and Knee Team (Arthroplasty) have demonstrated consistent efforts to support Nicky and her team to maintain quality in NJR data capture.“