Published on: 1st March 2023

Dominic Dodd - 2022.jpgAfter three years at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH), Dominic Dodd has decided to step down as Chair at the start of April to focus on his role as Chair of UCL Health Alliance. He will continue to be involved with RNOH through his role in UCL Health Alliance, the collaborative based in North Central London and of which RNOH is a member. 
Dominic Dodd’s time leading RNOH’s board of directors has seen a major change in the RNOH leadership team and strategy, as well as all the challenges of the pandemic. 
Chief Executive Professor Paul Fish said: "Dominic has been instrumental in helping to set the direction of the Trust over recent years and in establishing the Trust as an important partner in the care of our local populations, as well as those patients that we see nationally. I am extremely grateful for all that Dominic has done for us over these recent years and I look forward to continuing to work with him in his role at UCL Health Alliance."  
Dominic Dodd said: “It has been such a privilege to be a part of the RNOH team over the last three years. I am full of optimism about what this amazing team will achieve in the coming years and I look forward to staying close through my role at UCL Health Alliance.” 
We will be working with North Central London Integrated Care Board and London region over the coming weeks on the timing and process for appointing our next chair.