Published on: 30th August 2023

The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital has become one of only a dozen hospitals worldwide to receive designation as a Centre of Excellence for full endoscopic spine surgery.

The equipment for the complex surgery is made by German manufacturer RIWOspine GmbH - which has a subsidiary RIWOspine UK based in London - and it enables keyhole surgery for procedures previously done in an open fashion. The keyhole procedures enable the patient to go home the same day, with less scaring and quicker rehabilitation to normal life.

Mr David Baxter, Consultant Spinal Surgeon at the RNOH, said “At the RNOH we are excited to be designated as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in fully-endoscopic spinal surgery.  Using these techniques alongside intra-operative navigation, we treat a wide range of spinal conditions with minimal tissue damage.  This allows most patients to go home on the same day as their surgery, reduces their recovery time and postoperative pain.”

Mr Michael Mokawem, Consultant Spinal Surgeon at the RNOH, added: “The addition of a full-endoscopic spine system at RNOH has allowed us to expand our existing extensive treatments for patients with spinal pathology. Achieving ‘Centre of Excellence’ status is a tremendous credit to the team and Mr Baxter. Sharing our expertise with the wider spinal surgery community will allow these techniques to benefit a greater number of patients over time.”

Professor Paul Fish, CEO of RNOH, said: “I’m proud to have RNOH recognised as a centre of excellence. We undertake amazing work here and treat spinal conditions through a variety of methods, depending on patient needs. We’re always looking for ways to improve patient outcomes. Having in place this procedure and skilled surgeons which allows us to treat patients through less evasive procedures and get them home more quickly is fantastic. We look forward to sharing our surgical expertise with others in the field.”

RIWOspine UK worked closely with RNOH and the staff to introduce the new technology to the NHS trust. RIWOspine UK is market leader in full-endoscopic spine surgery and has recently expanded employing new staff in the UK.

Lena Goethel, Director Sales International, said: “Our congratulations to the team at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital for implementing full-endoscopic spine surgery into their daily practice.”

Adam Ross, Business Unit Manager UK, said: “For over a year now the RIWOspine team have worked closely with the staff at RNOH in Stanmore to expand and refine their endoscopic spine service.  It’s extremely rewarding for everyone involved to see the Stanmore team achieve this centre to excellence status and now means the UK has three RIWOspine full-endoscopic centres of excellence that can welcome clinicians from across the world to learn how to deliver an endoscopic spinal service in their locality.”

Photo shows L to R: GirogiRIWOSpine_group_shot_TSB_adjusted (1).jpgo Albarjami, RIWOSpine Application Specialist, Prof. Paul Fish, RNOH Chief Executive,  Adam Ross, RIWOSpine Business Unit Manager, Mr David Baxter, Consultant Spinal Surgeon, Mr Micheal Mokawem, Consultant Spinal Surgeon, Marilu Castillo, Theatre Scrub Team Leader