Published on: 25th April 2023

The safety of our patients and staff is the top priority at RNOH and we are always looking for ways to maintain and enhance our excellent safety standards. As part of this, the new NHS Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF) has been released by NHS England and will go live at RNOH in late 2023. PSIRF sets a completely new direction for how the NHS and RNOH plan to respond to patient safety incidents.  

Once PSIRF goes live, RNOH will focus on some key safety parameters that include effective learning & improvement, compassionate engagement, and embedding a patient safety culture.

RNOH aims to achieve this by ensuring that those affected by an incident - including patients, families, and staff - continue to receive support and care with a high level of compassion and are able to be part of learning investigations. PSIRF will make care safer for everyone and it supports both the NHS and RNOH to learn and improve. More detail on PSIRF can be found on NHS England - PSIRF.

RNOH is also pleased to have appointed multiple Patient Safety Partners (PSP). The PSP has knowledge of NHS practices as well as experience in being a patient or family member of a patient. Our PSPs will act as advocates for patients and help us effectively roll out PSIRF. If you are interested in becoming a PSP please contact our Patient Safety Team,