Published on: 20th March 2024

Starting today, RNOH Private Care is launching a new website to promote our world-class Private Care services at RNOH. The website, which has a fresh look and feel, makes it really easy for potential patients to find out more about our private care services. These could be patients who are looking to fund their own care (self-pay) or patients with private healthcare insurance.

The look may be new but RNOH Private Care continues its tradition and reputation for delivering high-quality and personalised care to patients. 

All profit generated from RNOH Private Care is invested back into strengthening our NHS services, enabling us to improve our facilities and provide even better patient services to everyone.






Elizabeth Adair, interim Managing Director, RNOH Private Care, says: “This is an exciting step towards repositioning RNOH Private Care in the highly competitive private care market place. There has been so much great work ongoing across RNOH to help make sure we increase the number of private patients coming to the Trust. Making RNOH Private Care work benefits all our patients as profit goes straight back into our NHS services. I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who has been involved in this exciting project and in our continued transformation journey. My thanks particularly to colleagues in the Communications and Private Care teams, and the consultants with whom we work.” 

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