Published on: 8th February 2022

The adoption of arthroscopy has transformed musculoskeletal care over the last several decades allowing surgeons to provide the same anatomic solutions with less tissue damage and blood loss. This results in lower requirements for inpatient care, reduced costs, and expedited recovery.

We are excited toIMG_2670.jpg start the Full Endoscopic Spinal Service (FESS) here at the RNOH and to be one of the first centres in the U.K. offering this treatment.

Consultat spinal surgeon David Baxter said: “We have assembled a fantastic team and look forward to rolling out this endoscopic service.”

Mr Michael Mokawem, Consultant Spinal Surgeon, added: "Full endoscopic spinal surgery complements our comprehensive Spinal Surgery service at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital and helps us remain at the forefront in our specialty. We are excited to offer this service to appropriate patients."