Published on: 29th August 2019

The RNOH is planning its Patient-led assessments of the care environment (PLACE) exercise for the 1st and 10th October 2019. The aim of PLACE is to improve standards across all NHS trusts, voluntary, independent and private healthcare providers.

They put patient wishes at the centre of the assessment process, and they use information gleaned directly from patient assessors to report how well a site/organisation is performing – in terms of national standards and against other similar organisations.

The assessments give patients and the public a voice that can be in the drive to give people more influence over the way their local health and care services are run and in the way in which they are held to account.

Assessment teams are a collaboration between staff and patient assessors, with Patient Assessors making up at least 50 per cent of the assessment team. Anyone who uses the service can be a Patient Assessor, including current patients, their family and visitors, carers, patient advocates or patient council members. NHS Foundation Trust Governors can also be Patient Assessors.

The patient assessment team will be made up of people who have experience of the hospital, for example, relatives, carers, friends, patient advocates or volunteers, as long as they have the patient’s view as their focus. Patient assessors should, as far as possible, reflect the patient population.

Patient Assessors will look at:

  • how clean the environments are
  • the condition – inside and outside – the building(s), fixtures and fittings
  • how well the building meets the needs of those who use it, for example through signs and car parking facilities
  • the quality and availability of food and drinks
  • how well the environment supports people’s privacy, dignity and wellbeing
  • how well the environment supports people with dementia
  • how well the environment supports people with a disability.

Anyone can be a patient assessor.

Refreshments for the assessors will be made available on both days.

If you are interested in becoming a patient assessor, please contact RNOH Estates and Facilities department 020 8909 5581 or email