Published on: 30th June 2022

Today the RNOH Charity is celebrating Buttercup Day. This small bright yellow flower is a symbol of hope and recovery at the RNOH.

In the 1930’s, young childreFun IN.jpgn undergoing treatment at the RNOH in Stanmore could be seen picking large yellow bunches of the flowers from the local fields, benefitting from the sunshine and fresh air, brightening the wards they took them back onto.

Our RNOH Charity, supporting the amazing work of the RNOH turns 25 this year. Furthermore, the RNOH is celebrating 100 years at its Stanmore site, too. 

Will you help us to celebrate these important milestones and support Buttercup Day this year?

Every year the RNOH Charity runs a Buttercup Day themed fundraising campaign. Please show your support today, by making a simple donation towards this year’s Buttercup Day Appeal here: Buttercup Day 2022 - JustGiving – thank you.