Published on: 23rd May 2024

We are seeking two motivated and interested individuals who are committed to contributing to safe and effective care to enhance patient experience, and improve patient outcomes at RNOH. This is volunteer role but approved expenses will be reimbursed.

A Patient Safety Partner (PSP) is an innovative and exciting role within the NHS that aim to empower patients and carers. They work alongside NHS staff to improve safety in our health and care settings.

Patient Safety Partners v.6.pngIn 2019 the NHS published the Patient Safety Strategy, which highlighted the need for patients to be involved with the surveillance and management of patient safety framework for involving patients in patient safety. Candidates for the PSP role will have a natural curiosity and feel comfortable asking questions across a range of topics focused around patient safety. They will be highly motivated to ensure that patient and family voices are part of the decision making process to ensure RNOH’s safety culture is the best it can be.

PSPs will attend committees and meetings, and will be involved in the training for staff members around patient safety. PSPs help RNOH’s teams to listen to and work with patients, carers, and families, to improve patient safety at RNOH. They actively work with RNOH staff to design safer healthcare throughout the Trust, to gather insights from patients, families and communities and challenge the Trust to ensure they learn and change how they work to improve the health and wellbeing of all at RNOH.

By reinforcing the patient voice at all levels within RNOH, PSPs can support a patient-centred approach to safer healthcare by:

· promoting openness and transparency

· supporting RNOH to consider how processes appear and feel to patients

· helping RNOH know what is important to patients

· helping identify risk by hearing what feels unsafe to patients

· supporting the prioritisation of risks that need to be addressed and any subsequent improvement programmes

Interested? For further information, please contact or call 020 3947 1609. Or apply via the volunteering webpage.