We have a vision of patients and carers who are at the heart of the decisions being made at the RNOH and this is embodied in our Trust value of ‘patients first, always.

The RNOH Patient Charter, co-produced by patients from the Patient Experience Co-Production Group and over 70 RNOH Staff, comprises ‘I’ Statements describing what our patients would like our services to look and feel like and 8 corresponding ‘We’ statements outlining how we are aiming to respond – a huge thank you to everyone who has given their time to this.
The Charter has been approved by the Trust Board and shortlisted for a HSJ Award. It is an important tool to support delivery of the Trust Value ‘Patients First, Always’ providing:

  • A description of the RNOH Trust standard for patient experience
  • A framework to support patient engagement and co-production