Stanmore Outpatients Department

The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital has two outpatient departments: one located in Stanmore, Middlesex, and the other at Bolsover Street Outpatient Assessment Centre, is in central London. Information on attending Bolsover Street can be found at: Coming to Bolsover Street: information for patients and visitors.

Please report to the reception desk. The receptionist will check you in, update your personal information and direct you to x-ray if required. Each clinic has an allocated nursing staff member, who will advise you further in relation to tests that may be required before your consultation and of the waiting times.

If you arrive earlier than your appointment time, it does not mean that you will be seen earlier. Our aim is to ensure that you see the doctor as close to your appointment time as possible, generally within 30 minutes of your appointment time. Doctors' room numbers and waiting times are displayed on the electronic notice board in the main waiting area and on the white board by the clinic rooms.

As this is a teaching hospital, you may be seen by your consultant or a member of his team i.e. Fellow, Senior Registrar or Clinical Nurse Specialist.

Opening Times

The Stanmore OPD department is open from 08.00 until 19.00 Monday to Friday.


Ward staff at RNOH can be identified from their uniforms. If you have any questions or concerns, please do approach them and ask for assistance and they will do their best to help you.


Some consultant clinics only take place at the Stanmore Site or at Bolsover Site. Your appointment letter will state the location and time of your appointment and a map will be sent to you.

Following your appointment

The doctor will give you a form to hand in at reception. If a follow-up appointment is required, the receptionist can arrange it for you.

Cancelling your appointment

If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please contact the relevant department as soon as possible so that the time can be offered to another patient. You can find all OPD appointments numbers here.

Our aim is to provide the highest standard of care and see our patients in a timely manner. However if you feel that we have not met your expectations, you can speak to the PALS. Alternatively, pick one up from the reception desk or ask a member of staff for one.

On arrival to your ward

When you arrive on your ward, please report to the ward reception desk and inform them of your arrival. A member of staff will then show you to your bed or to the waiting area if your bed is not yet available. Staff will keep you informed of progress if you are asked to wait. You will be given some time to settle in before you are formally admitted to the ward.

Sometimes nursing staff may have to pack up your belongings whilst you are in theatre and store them so that your bed space can be used. This means that you may return to the ward to a different bed space. Please consider this when you decide what to bring in. Valuables should ideally be left at home. We also advise that you label bags, walking aids and wheelchairs etc. with your name.

More detailed information on admissions can be found in the RNOH admission guides below.

General information about coming to a ward

Only bring in essential supplies as clutter on and around the bed makes it difficult to keep clean. This also helps with space restrictions. Please arrange for surplus belongings to be taken home regularly.

Please bring all your own regular medications in with you, preferably in their original packaging. There should be enough medications to last a month, even if you are only coming in for a few days. Nursing staff will retrieve this from you when you are placed in a bed and it is secured in a locked bedside cupboard. Our pharmacists will check through your medication soon after your admission.

More detailed information on admissions can be found in the RNOH admission guides below.

There is a strict NO SMOKING policy at the RNOH both within the buildings and on the whole site.

Infection control is a top patient safety priority at RNOH. Alcohol gel is available at the entrance to the wards and at every bedside. We would like you to gel or wash your hands upon entering and leaving the ward/department. When visiting a patient on a ward, we request that visitors do not sit on the beds for infection control reasons.

Please feel free to challenge staff when they come to your bedside if they do not use the gel.

Side rooms

Some wards have side rooms which are generally used for patients with particular conditions.

Real time patient feedback

Before discharge you will be asked to complete a patient survey about the care you received whilst in the hospital. We would be grateful if you would complete this as your feedback is invaluable and will help us to improve our service. This is the Friends and Family tests which is an important opportunity for you to provide feedback on the care and treatment you received to help improve services and measure us against other NHS hospitals. On discharge you will be asked 'How likely are you to recommend our ward to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?'

This located within the Outpatients Department. If you have travelled by hospital transport, please inform them that you are ready to go home after your appointment. Details can be found here.

RNOH Stanmore Ward Map

For a detailed wards / department location map please download the RNOH Stanmore Ward Map