Physiotherapy (Health Professionals)

The Physiotherapy team on the SCIC is led by a Clinical Specialist and has a well established senior physiotherapy team with experienced technical assistants. The Spinal Cord Injury Centre team are part of the main physiotherapist service, offering rotations to band 5 and 6 physiotherapists, with shared CPD and peer support. All permanent staff have undertaken post-graduate training in neurological physiotherapy and there is a well established supervision system for clinical support.

New patients are allocated to a named physiotherapist on their admission to the Spinal Cord Injury Centre. Physiotherapy in the treatment of spinal cord injury is aimed at achieving the maximum functional potential of an individual. Our role is to exploit active recovery, as well as minimise complications and to contribute to education of the patient, family and carers. Our treatments are based on the latest research and rehabilitation, founded on patient focused goals.

Our service has access to the ASPIRE National Training Centre whose facilities offer extensive sports and recreation opportunities, as part of our rehabilitation programme.

On discharge from the inpatient rehabilitation in the Spinal Cord Injury Centre, any outstanding Physiotherapy requirements will be addressed and appropriate ongoing treatment provision will be set up.

A telephone enquiry service is offered to support therapists treating spinal cord injured patients in non specialist centres.

For further information please contact:
Tel: 020 8909 5500