Referrals are made initially to the Spinal Co-ordinator who is a Senior Nurse on duty within the SCIC 24 hours a day. The senior nurse will liaise with the on call spinal surgeon when a referral has been taken and a decision will be made with regards to the patient's admission.

The Spinal Co-ordinator arranges all acute spinal injuries admissions via ambulance with the referring hospital.

Sometimes patients need to be treated within our Intensive Care Unit (Alan Bray Unit) and there is a close working relationship between Intensive Care and the Spinal Cord Injury Centre to ensure a seamless service.

On admission, the admitting team will carry out a full assessment. The treatment plan may include spinal stability and cord protection which will be fully discussed between the patient and the Spinal Surgeon ensuring optimal outcomes for each individual patient.

For further information contact: Spinal Co-ordinator: 020 3947 0100, bleep 755.