Nursing & Allied Health Professional Research

Clinical research, which has the ability to improve our patient care, is no longer the domain of medics and surgeons.

We welcome ideas from allied health professionals (AHP) as well as nursing staff. We do not give preference to medics and surgeons, we only give preference to good ideas.

The process for research is the same for all staff groups, we are here to help.

Here at the RNOH, we are committed to engaging everyone in research. Click on the videos below to listen to what our research leads for nursing and therapies have to say and to hear the experiences of nurses and therapists involved in research within the trust.

Here are some quotes from AHPs who are leading on research:

Anju Jaggi, Consultant Physiotherapist, who is leading on a national shoulder study:

Research is in everything we do there are just different levels of it. Our perception as AHPs is that it is a separate entity to the clinical aspect of our work rather than realising it is integral to it.
Like so much of what we deliver, research should be viewed as a team effort and if all of us get involved it becomes less daunting and deliverable. It’s about working together, utilising skills of individuals to make research happen. We just need to break it down into smaller chunks and make it part and parcel of what we do. If we want to be innovative and effective in the health and social care service, research is should be key and essential part of our role. For an inquisitive mind it can be interesting and fun.

“Research is creating new knowledge.” - Neil Armstrong

Getting in Touch: If you have an idea, get in touch via so we can help you make it happen.

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