Ward 4

About the ward: Ward 4 specialises in elective spinal surgery but is also equipped to care for patients recovering from other orthopaedic surgery. The ward is divided into 10 male beds and 9 female beds. The ward is sub divided into bays of 2, 4 and 7 with 2 side rooms. We have a communal day room with a television and garden patio for you to enjoy.

Whilst on the ward you will be cared for by our experienced team of nurses who are compassionate about the care that they deliver. Our aim is to treat every patient in our care with privacy, dignity and respect. By enhancing your patient journey, it is our aim that your stay will be a positive experience whilst you recover from your surgery in a safe environment.

You will be kept informed about your treatment throughout your stay but please do ask questions if you require further information.

Meal times

  • Breakfast from 07.30
  • Lunch from 12.00
  • Supper from 17.30

Beverages are served throughout the day and are available on request.

Visiting times are 13.00 – 20.00. Visiting times outside of these hours may be permitted in exceptional circumstances or on individual occasions by special arrangements with the nurse in charge.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas.

Ward 4 facilities:

Dayroom: we have a communal day room with a television and a garden patio for you to enjoy. We kindly ask that patients are dressed appropriately in the dayroom/patio area as this is used by both male and female patients.

Mobile phone: there is no public telephone on the ward. We do allow the use of mobile phones on the ward but we ask that you are considerate to the other patients around you by using the vibrate setting and refrain from making calls at night.

Wi-fi: Wi-Fi is available. If using laptops / DVD players please ensure headphones are used for the comfort of other patients Televisions are not permitted due to health and safety.

Toilets: both male and female sections of the ward have toilet/commode and shower facilities.

Post: post will be delivered to your bedside should any arrive for you.

Snacks: a snack trolley visits the ward daily if you would like to purchase anything.

Nurse Handover: this takes place 07.30 – 08.00 and 19.30 – 20.00 at each patient’s bedside.

Doctors ward round: doctors ward rounds take place throughout the day. A nurse will also be in attendance.

Contact: 020 8909 5561

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