Angus Mckinnon Ward

About the Ward: Angus McKinnon is a 15-bedded mixed sex ward; however, patients will be allocated a single room or a double room with the same sex on arrival.

Whether you are here for a day or a number of weeks, we want you and your family to feel well informed and understand what is happening. We hope you will not hesitate to ask for as much information and advice as your require about any aspect of your care here on Angus McKinnon.

General Information: Angus McKinnon Ward mainly cares for patients with spinal cord injury and tissue viability issues. Patients are also admitted for elective orthopaedic urology, and plastic surgery and treatment.

On arrival patients are introduced to the team and allocated their bed. Because of the size of the rooms and limited space and hospital transport criteria, patients are advised to minimize the amount of belongings they bring into hospital. Please arrange for surplus belongings to be taken home regularly.

Please note we have no clothes washing facilities on this ward. Therefore, patients are advised that if they need clothes that need washing, please arrange for a relative or friend to take them home for washing.

Please bring all your own regular medications into hospital.

Finding the Ward: Angus McKinnon Ward is located at the top right hand side of the main sloping corridor of the hospital. It is the last ward at the top of the sloping corridor.

On your Arrival: On your arrival please report to the ward office on your right and you will be shown to your room. Patients arriving from other hospitals will be allocated a side room initially. This is only a temporary measure and you could be moved to a shared room or another ward during your stay.

Staff: The ward nursing team consists of a senior charge nurse, two ward sisters, staff nurses and healthcare assistants and the ward house keeper and assistant. A ward administrator also deals with the administration issues on the ward. Please note that some university students sometimes wear the same uniforms as qualified staff nurses. However, all staff can be identified by their name badge and ID which they wear at all times.

Visiting Hours: 14.00 hours until 21.00 hours. However, flexible times can be arranged with the nurse in charge.

Visitors: Two visitors to a bed only please, at any one time, as this causes less stress to the patients and enhances a good recovery.

  • Do not sit on the bed.
  • Do not bring in cut flowers/plants
  • Do not use ward toilet, for patients use only.

Please use the alcohol gel at the entrance to the ward and at the foot of every bed. Hands should be gelled upon entering and leaving the ward.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas.

Meal Times: meal times are ‘protected times’ and are not to be interrupted if at all possible.

  • Breakfast is from 07.30 to 08.30
  • Lunch is from 12.00 to 13.00
  • Dinner is from 17.00 to 18.00

Ward Facilities: there are no dayroom facilities for patients and visitors on this ward due to the layout and isolation needs of the patients. However, each room has a TV for patient use.

The ward has a male and female toilet at the entrance to the ward. There are also toilets in the two shower rooms on the ward; these can be used by both sexes.

Vending machine are available on SCIC out of hours.

Post/mail: any post for patients will be given out by the ward administrator to them.

Nurses handover: at these handovers nurses are allocated a number of patients to provide holistic care for that shift. Nurse’s handover takes approximately 20-minutes at the beginning and at the end of a shift.

Doctors Ward Rounds: ward rounds are numerous on this ward as there a vast number of Doctors that have patients. However the spinal rehab ward round takes place on Tuesday mornings and the plastics surgery ward round on Friday mornings of each week.

Contact: 020 8909 5452

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