Safe Staffing

In line with safe staffing guidelines from the National Quality Board, we are required to publish information about the number of nursing staff working on each of our wards. This initiative arose from the Francis Report which recommended greater transparency around working practices in the health service. We publish this information monthly and provide a report for our Trust Board (see section below for previous staffing reports). As part of an ongoing process, the nursing staffing within the RNOH is currently under review following the Safer Nursing Care Tool guidelines as sanctioned by NICE. This process involves a nurse/ patient acuity being performed three times a year (January, June and September) to give a balanced measure of patient dependence and to ensure safe nurse/ patient ratios are maintained. Our recent review in July 2018 indicated our staffing levels are acceptable and we maintain good Registered Nurse to patient ratios. We will continue to monitor staffing and the reports presented to the board will be available on this page following the Board meeting.


Planned Hours - September 2018Planned Hours - September 2018 (click image to open a larger view).

NHS choicesFrom 24 June 2014, the information about our wards is also displayed via NHS Choices. There are no inpatient departments at our Bolsover Street site, but internally we continue to monitor patient safety and satisfaction by collecting patient feedback and monitoring clinic staffing levels.

Safe Staffing Ward Boards

We have installed noticeboards on every ward which show who is in charge of the ward and the planned and actual staffing levels on a shift by shift basis. They also show the range of uniforms commonly seen on our wards so that patients know the range of staff treating them.

Safe Staffing Ward BoardsSafe Staffing Ward Boards

Have you got a question about staffing levels?

For more information about staffing levels in our hospital please contact:

Professor Paul Fish, Director of Nursing, Quality & Patient Experience

Professor Paul Fish

Professor Paul Fish, Director of Nursing

Karen Mannion, Lead for Implementation of Safe Staffing

Karen Mannion

Karen Mannion, Lead for Implementation of Safe Staffing, Nursing

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