Care Quality Commission

RNOH has made good progress in implementing the actions to address the issues identified in the Care Quality Commission report.

The major achievements and outcomes are as follows:

  • Remedial works to the site at Stanmore have continued throughout 2014/15, this includes building of a new theatre and addressing backlog maintenance. The outline business case for the next major phase of the rebuild of the hospital at Stanmore has been unconditionally approved by the Trust Development Authority (TDA) in March 2015. This means that the Trust is now able to take plans to a final stage for a hospital in which we continue to deliver high quality clinical care in wards and buildings that are fit for purpose.
  • Late starts in Outpatient clinic times has been reduced by 5.5% since the time of the CQC inspection, with 96.5% starting on time. Key performance indicators (KPIs) relating to the start times of clinics have been introduced and are monitored as part of the overall performance for the Outpatient department.
  • Creation of an escalation policy around management of late start of clinic times.
  • Development of a new risk management structure across the Trust.
  • Continued work to improve learning from incidents across the Trust.
  • Continued work on organisational development programme to improve the culture and values across all staff.
  • Compliance with the WHO surgical safety checklist has improved since the time of CQC inspection with current WHO checklist compliance at 99.1% (of which 97% were fully completed), as at March 2015.
  • Regular audits on paediatric resuscitation equipment have shown improved frequency and compliance of equipment checking.  Trust-wide resus trolley checking procedure in place.
  • Management restructuring within the paediatric unit with the re-introduction of the matron role.
  • Creation of a quiet room in the paediatric unit.
  • Implementation of parent sleeping facilities next to all beds to allow the overnight stay of parents.
  • Upgrading of the outside play area of the paediatric unit including a higher level of patient security.
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