Patient Outcome Data (POD) information for patients

This information is about RNOH POD. ‘POD’ stands for Patient Outcome Data.

The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital uses RNOH POD to collect information about you for your consultant.

RNOH POD provides you with an online portal for you to complete a customised clinical questionnaire at specific points in time while you are under our care. This enables the hospital to measure the quality of the clinical care you receive. You are free to withdraw your participation at any time without giving a reason. This will not affect the standard of care you receive.

What is RNOH POD?

The RNOH POD is an online system for you to fill in some clinical questionnaires that will allow us to measure the quality of care you receive. You can contribute to your care at home by going to or by using the same system before your appointment at the hospital.

How does this affect me?

You will be sent instructions on how to access the patient portal with your first appointment letter and will be asked to complete the clinical questionnaire online PRIOR to your first appointment with your consultant’s team. If you are not able to complete this task before your appointment, there will be an opportunity for you to do so in the Outpatients’ Department immediately before you attend your appointment.

Top Tip

We would really encourage you to complete the clinical questionnaire before your visit to the hospital to prevent any delays on the day of your appointment.

At various points while you are under our care, you will be emailed a request to complete further clinical questionnaires. This email will include details of how to access the patient portal. If you have an email address please make sure you let the POD team or a receptionist know what it is.

Each clinical questionnaire will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

At the end of each clinical questionnaire you will also be asked for feedback on your experience. Patient feedback is very important to us and it will help us make improvements to the RNOH POD Patient Portal.


Thank you for participating in your care pathway and helping us continue to improve the quality of care the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital.

The POD Team: 020 8909 5108

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